Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

New River Gorge Gateway Center offers the short term rental of the Property named on the Rental Agreement (a copy is supplied on booking of your vacation property), to the person of 21 years or over named as the Party Leader and to the named party members (on the Rental Agreement), hereinafter referred to as the Guest, under the terms set out below.



New River Gorge Gateway Center, will provide a written quote via email. Quotes are valid for 24 hours, unless and until the Property is either booked by a third party, or  New River Gorge Gateway Center receives a deposit for the same dates (or part thereof) from any party. Where the Guest agrees by email, phone, fax or other written device to book the Property, New River Gorge Gateway Center will provide a booking confirmation to the Guest by email. The Guest must pay the requested deposit or payment as defined on the booking confirmation prior to confirmation of the booking. during that period, New River Gorge Gateway Center reserves the right to accept any booking for the Property from a third party, where said third party agrees to payment prior to receipt of payment from the Guest.


Confirmed Booking

On receipt of the required payment from the Guest, New River Gorge Gateway Center will issue a Confirmed booking receipt by email to the Guest. Only on release of the Confirmed booking receipt from New River Gorge Gateway Center is the booking determined as confirmed.



The Guest agrees that payment of the rental deposit amount to New River Gorge Gateway Center will signify their full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Rental. The Guest further acknowledges that by payment of the final rental sum, the Guest has read and accepted these Terms of Conditions of Rental on this web site.



The Guest agrees and acknowledges that New River Gorge Gateway Center will not release the Property details or any service prior to receipt by New River Gorge Gateway Center of payment in full. Failure of the Guest to pay rental or for any service will result in removal or refusal to supply said service, including, but not limited to terms of accommodation in the Property. Such removal and or refusal will not alter the terms and penalties associated with cancellation.

The Guest agrees to pay the total rental fee as shown on the Rental Agreement within the due dates as set out on the booking confirmation. Final and full payment is due 14 days prior to arrival. In the event of late payment, or failure to pay, New River Gorge Gateway Center reserves the rights to levy the cancellation penalty percentage charges against any money that the Guest has paid in advance and cancel the booking of the Guest. Where the money paid in advance is insufficient to cover the calculated percentage, New River Gorge Gateway Center reserves the right to exercise any legal remedies to pursue the amount owed by the Guest.

Where a Guest chooses to amend their booking 30 days or more prior to arrival, resulting in a change in the property size or location, or a change of dates of stay, a $100 Booking Administration Fee will be levied. Where the guest alters the booking resulting in a reduction in the number of nights, the Company will charge the $100 Booking Administration Fee in addition to the cancellation fee warranted against the number of nights cancelled as described below.

Any changes to existing bookings within 30 days of arrival will not be allowed.


Rental Period

The Guest agrees, and New River Gorge Gateway Center permits the Rental Period to begin and end on the dates shown as the Rental Period (as shown on the Rental Agreement).


Check In

Check in to the Property is after 4:00 pm on the date of arrival as shown on the Rental Agreement, Booking Confirmation or Registration Form. At the sole discretion of New River Gorge Gateway Center, any Guest arriving before that time may be refused. 


Check Out

Check out is on the date of departure as shown on the Rental Agreement and Registration Form, at 10:00 am.  In the event that it is found that the Guest has not departed the Property on the date of departure, at the due time, then the Guest will pay a penalty charge of one days rental.


Basis of Rental

Properties offered for short-term rental through New River Gorge Gateway Center are provided on a self-catering basis. New River Gorge Gateway Center provides complimentary starter items of toilet paper (one per toilet), small hand soaps and a trash bag. Once these items are used, it is the guests responsibility to replenish them. 



New River Gorge Gateway Center have designated some of the listed homes as "Pet Friendly"

Guests with pets must request a pet friendly home. In the event that the Guest brings a pet to a property without prior consultation/authorization with New River Gorge Gateway Center then New River Gorge Gateway Center can elect to evict the guest from the home with loss of any rental monies paid and also levy a further cleaning charge of at least $300 to pay for additional sanitation and cleaning. New River Gorge Gateway Center nor the Owner of the Property can be held liable for any loss or injury to a pet while staying at the Property, or for any action taken against the pet or pet owner by third parties. Pet owners must agree to abide by our Pet owners terms and conditions as set out below.


Pet owner terms and conditions


In order to maintain the integrity of the home and the consideration for future guests the following terms and conditions will apply.


1.       The pet owner is fully responsible for the pet and its actions

2.       No pet shall be left unattended unless in a proper enclosure and adequate water etc shall be supplied.

3.       The pet owner understands that any pet causing a nuisance to anyone will be subject to eviction with no refund of payments for the unused portion of their stay.

4.       All pet ‘mess’ will be removed by the owner and disposed of in a proper fashion as it occurs and especially on vacating the premises. Any mess not removed will incur a $100 clean up fee. No pet mess to be left in garbage on day of departure.

5.       Pets are not allowed on any furniture or beds nor will the pet be allowed access to any of the properties’ bedrooms.

6.       The pet owner will be solely responsible for any stains /damage or odors caused by the pet

7.       The pet owner shall be solely responsible for excessive hair removal

8.       The owner shall ensure that the pet is tic / flea and worm treated before arrival

9.       No pets allowed in the swimming pool

10.    The pet owner will ensure that the pet does not go on to neighboring properties



The Guest may cancel their booking at any time up to the day that the final payment is due. In the event that the Guest exercises their right to cancel,New River Gorge Gateway Center will charge the following cancellation penalty. From initial date of booking up to 30 days prior to the arrival date, Guest will be charged a $40 cancellation fee from their initial deposit.  REFUND OF FULL BALANCE FOR CANCELLATIONS WITHIN 60 AND 31 DAYS OF ARRIVAL DATE. NO REFUND FOR CANCELLATIONS WITHIN 30 DAYS OF ARRIVAL
* New River Gorge Gateway Center regrets that it is unable to waive any of the cancellation charges or rules above, whatever the circumstances.
* New River Gorge Gateway Center recommends that all guests take out adequate cancellation or vacation insurance either through their insurance broker or travel agent.


Service Level

New River Gorge Gateway Center makes all reasonable efforts to maintain each property and its equipment in good working order. Wherever commercially possible, repairs are performed within 24 hours, but sometimes delays are inevitable. No refunds are granted for malfunctioning mechanical or electrical equipment including (but not limited to): inoperable appliances, air-conditioning units, pools and/or spas. No refunds will be given for unfavorable weather, early departure, utility service interruption, construction, or maintenance issues. Additionally, there are no refunds for faulty recording or playback equipment, TVs, audio, telecoms, cable reception, computer equipment or internet access.

Guest(s) shall be solely responsible for any property damage, accident injury to any person or loss sustained by any person, including loss of money, jewelry, and other items of personal property, arising out of or in any way related to Guest(s) use of the premises or the items of personal property provided by New River Gorge Gateway Center, the Owner at Guest(s) request. Guest(s) shall inspect and be familiar with proper use and application of such items prior to using them. Guest(s) hereby agrees to INDEMNIFY and hold New River Gorge Gateway Center and/or Homeowner harmless from any and all claims including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to Guest(s) use of premises or the items of personal property provided therein. Guest(s) assumes the risk of injury or other losses relating to any recreational activities and will hold owner and its agents harmless with respect there to. Guest(s) shall leave premises in clean, undamaged condition. If unit is not left in suitable condition, guest understands that agent reserves the right to charge guest for any repairs or special cleaning. Refer to departure instructions posted on reservation confirmation.



Over occupancy

New River Gorge Gateway Center reserve the right to evict guests from the property with no compensation or refund if it is found that guests staying at the home have not been declared on the Guest Registration form.


Limitation of Liability

New River Gorge Gateway Center makes all reasonable efforts to provide advice and safety information. This information can be found in the Vacation Home Guidelines at the Property. It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure that they have read and understood the contents and advice given following arrival at the Property. New River Gorge Gateway Center is willing to provide any and all further information pertaining to the Property providing the Guest has first read the Vacation Home Guidelines. In addition, New River Gorge Gateway Center states the following:

New River Gorge Gateway Center and/or the Owner will not release the physical address or lock box code of the Property to the Guest prior to payment and a signed booking form agreement . This is a security measure.

New River Gorge Gateway Center and/or the Owner do not accept liability for lost or stolen personal property of the Guest from the Property during the Rental Period.

New River Gorge Gateway Center and/or the owner accept no responsibility for any personal items that are left behind by guests in the property.

New River Gorge Gateway Center or its representatives may enter the Property at any time, without notice, for the purposes of protection and/or maintenance of the Property. Wherever possible, New River Gorge Gateway Center will provide notice to the Guest prior to such entrance.

New River Gorge Gateway Center and/or the Owner accept no liability for personal loss or injury to the Guest during the Rental Period. The Guest must ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage.

The Guest must ensure that Children are supervised at all times. It is the policy of New River Gorge Gateway Center that all Children under the age of 18 years are not left in rental accommodation un-supervised during the rental period.

New River Gorge Gateway Center and/or the Owner do not accept any liability for the acts or omissions of any agent. These include but are not limited to, airlines, car-hire companies, travel agents, ticket agents, homeowners, or utility providers.

New River Gorge Gateway Center and/or the Owner do not accept liability for acts of violence, nature, fire, flood, war, civil disobedience, riot, or other force of nature that may have a injurious effect on the Guest.

New River Gorge Gateway Center does not accept liability for removal of the Property from the marketplace, or transfer of the Property to another company by the Owner or for any other reason that  results in the Property becoming unavailable for the Rental Period. Wherever such an event occurs, New River Gorge Gateway Center will offer the Guest a suitable alternative accommodation of equal or better quality, subject to availability. In the event that the Guest refuses the offered alternate property, then the Guest may cancel the booking, and the Company will refund the Total Rental Fee paid  less the applicable cancellation penalty percentage rate (if applicable)

New River Gorge Gateway Center will not be liable for any additional expense that the guest incurrs if the guest has refused the alternative property offered.


Failure to comply with any of the terms herein will, at the sole discretion of New River Gorge Gateway Center, result in the eviction of the Guest from the Property, without compensation or refund.